Bookmark – Dandelion Medallion


This bookmark is hand-crafted using ribbon and metal medallion that is stamped/engraved with a dandelion.  Each bookmark set also includes a matching “pen loop” for holding a highlighter, pen or pencil with your book.

Each bookmark also has a card with the following inscription:
“The Dandelion’s roots grow deep. They may be bitter but are useful. It’s a resilient and hardy plant because its roots are so deep. Considered by some to be a pesky weed while others see its beauty and worth. Its flowers are beautiful and bright.But then transforms into something amazing that scatters and spreads its seeds far and wide.
As the Dandelion’s roots are deep, we too should be deeply rooted in the foundation of God’s Word. As the Dandelion’s flowers are beautiful and bright, the light of the Lord should shine bright through us. As the Dandelion transforms and spreads its seeds all around, we should be sharing God’s transforming and healing Gospel all around, planting new seeds into the hearts of others.”

  • Grosgrain Polyester Ribbon
  • Metal Findings
  • Metal Medallion
  • Elastic

SIZE: Ribbon is 5/8″ wide and approximately 12″ long.  Due to the handmade nature exact size may vary slightly.

MATERIALS: Grossgrain Polyester Ribbon, Metal Findings, Metal Medallion, Elastic

COLOR: All  are random colors but you can request a specific color at checkout.  We will attempt to be as close to the requested color as possible. Colors may vary though.

PACKAGING: The set is packaged in a clear plastic resealable bag.

CARE: Should the bookmark become soiled, it is best to gently handwashing in cool water and allow to air dry flat.

Weight: Item weighs approximately .35oz (10g) but shipping weight is 3oz to account for packaging and packing materials.

There is no discount available for wholesale buyers on this item.

Handmade items are subject to having slight imperfections and slight variances from item to item.  These imperfections do not affect the quality or function of our handmade items.  In addition, handmade items will not be exact duplication of each other.  There will always be slight variations.  This lends to the uniqueness of each item. We thank you for your understanding.


Additional information

Weight3 oz
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Peppermint Candy, Wintergreen, Christmas Red, Christmas Green, Evergreen

Teabag Tag Option

Left-Handed, Right-Handed, No Teabag Tag


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